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Biarritz is a major tourist attraction during the summer months as well as a highly rated surf destination. We offer the perfect options for campervan hire from Biarritz airport to discover the town and the surrounding area.

Biarritz is an elegant town full of culture, bars, surf shops and restaurants offering fresh seafood, pizzas and local Basque dishes. The town is steeped in history and has buckets of stunning beaches, we recommend you find yourself a nice spot near the sea front and watch the world go by.

Rent or hire a campervan from us and start your holiday in Biarritz, you can even rent your campervan from Biarritz airport. We will drive it down, hand over the keys and off you go. It’s a great place to start your campervan hire adventure and gives you direct access to northern Spain, the Pyrenees and even venture down the end of the world as far as Sarges in Portugal’s Algarve.

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